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Domain Name Registrations


Click here to Manage your .au Domain Or please call us to assist.

Personalised Service

Our clients appreciate the personalised service that makes handling Domain Names easy. Registration can be confusing and domain management can be complex so let us help.

If you would like to register a domain name simply email us with your contact details or phone using the number below. We will contact you, discuss your best options for domain/s choices for your business. We do the "paperwork" and invoice you by land mail following registration which is immediate. No credit card details need be given over the internet or phone.

Australia Gday is an Enetica wholesale partner for the purposes of domain name registrations and renewals.

We also look after, setting DNS, changing contact details or initiating transfers. Just give us a call. (02) 44552025. That means no websites to scour for management interfaces, passwords to remember or technical terms to learn. Your web designer can call us anytime to change DNS.

Of course all passwords are supplied to you on registration so you can access your interface if you wish.

We will contact you within 90 days of renewal to confirm if you wish to renew and invoice by land mail. Enetica is also local .com Gltd registrar


  •$77.00 / 2yrs
  •$77.00 / 2yrs
  •$71.50 / 2yrs
  •$71.50 / 2yrs
  •$66.00 / 2yrs
  •$88.00 / 2yr
  •$88.00 / 2yr
  •$88.00 / 2yr


  • .com........$49.50 / 2yr
  • .com........$27.50 / 1yr
  • .net........$49.50 / 2yr
  • .net........$27.50 / 1yr
  • .org........$49.50 / 2yr
  • .org........$27.50 / 1yr
  • .info.......$61.50 / 2yr
  • .info.......$35.20 / 1yr
  • .biz........$61.50 / 2yr
  • .biz........$35.20 / 1yr