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Hosting Services


What is hosting

Your website needs a physical location to live. This location, a server, connects your website to the internet and responds to requests for information by serving pages to your potential customers. Your website and all its associated files are housed at our Data Centre on our own managed servers (computers). We have control over the data on the servers to protect server security for our clients.

You can consider hosting to be like renting space and sharing in the cost of the bandwidth (pipeline) that delivers pages to customers. You can also consider these hosting servers out of sight and out of mind. All our clients need to attend to is ensuring that their website content is up to date, reflecting what is on offer at their business.

What we do

There will be times when changes in your business may require changes on the server (Name server settings, email aliasing and opther mail records). We wont send you to a server interface. An email or phone call to Gday Internet and we will make those changes for you. No jargon or computer skills required, just let us know in simple english what you are trying to acheive.

More information on the technical side below, we do also offer ftp access ........

The Gdirp Servers

In partnership with Chirp Internet your website is hosted on our own managed servers. You can feel secure that your website is benefiting from constant monitoring, security monitoring and updates.

As well as the Gdirp Servers providing hosting for your website and database your website also utilises a secure administration interface allowing you to update content and view reports.

Confidence that your website is safe and protected and serving 24/7. Our hosting facility is a stable hosting platform equipped with biometrics and secure key code security along with multiple redundant systems for power supply, internet connection and cooling. We have also split off our DNS and MX (mail) settings to a separate server, running on a Linode VPS.

All our gdirp hosted websites are now being backed up nightly to Amazon S3 cloud storage allowing for a complete restoration at any time. This is in addition to our regular weekly off-site backups and 12-month archive.

Hosting gives you access to advanced traffic analysis programs so that you can see exactly who is using your site, including enhanced Webalizer reports and our ownSearch Engine Traffic reports.

These hosting services are available on a 12 or 6 month extensible basis.

Hosting on the Gdirp Servers includes:

  • Setup of email aliases or MX pointing to your own mail server;
  • Up to 250Mb of space on the server (more may be negotiated);
  • An (optional) FTP account for uploading and updating files;
  • Regular on-site, to the cloud and other off-site backups;
  • Website traffic reports; and
  • Support and advice in maintaining and updating your website


Our servers run Apache on Debian GNU/Linux. For dynamic website we are usingPHP with PostgreSQL as the back-end database as well as a number of other modules chosen these packages because of their reliability and stability.

If you have a Gday Internet Dynamic Website:

  • Hosting of a (PostgreSQL) database;
  • Optimisation of your website for major search engines;
  • Advanced Search Engine Traffic reports.

Hosting does NOT include...

  • Shell access (Telnet or SSH);
  • Hosting of mailboxes; or
  • Hosting of unvetted (by us) third-party PHP, CGI or similar applications.