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A quality website that you can maintain yourself

Whether you want to speak with us in plain english about a website idea or about specific technical services we will speak your language. Give us a call and say Gday !!

Is your business in regional or remote areas. Many of our clients are. We will work with you by phone and email to build you a website 'by hand" that meets all your requirements.

  • We will discuss with you Domain Name options and assist with registration
  • From speaking with you and collecting and logos or marketing material we will put together a brief for our professional graphic designers.
  • If you have no logo or printed matter just yet, thats fine, your website is a good place to start and we can kelp with logo and print work as well
  • You will get to see design options and we will discuss fine tuning designs to your business.
  • At Chirp the templating process then takes place. We don't use any off the web templates or online site creation systems. Your website is custom designed and built to ensure Search Engine Optimisation, speed of download, compatability with different browsers and a long , low maintenance life.
  • From there you are live on line and in control of all the content on your website using our Custom Content Management system. Very basic computer skills required, just click and type.
  • If you need template changes to your website, new pages, design alterations just give us a call.

The advantage of having your site built by Gday Internet is that you only pay for the initial setup. After that you can add, modify and delete content at your leisure. Imagine not having to call on a designer to update your site every time you put out a press release. In addition to the below, most of our sites run a customised content management system (CMS) suited for their specific needs.

We offer Static and Dynamic websites

A static website is a non interactive website. The site content is managed directly on each page and this simple style of site content managment suits many of our clients bsuinesses.

Simply click on a lock at the bottom of the page you want to change, type in your password and you can change the text, photos or documents for download on that page. Click "save changes" and your are done!

The simplicity of keeping your website current will help ensure that it is up to date and doing the best possible job for you.

A dynamic (interactive/database-driven) website uses a central administrative area to manage products, company news or the display of events.

If your business requires an ecommerce shop or you are a retailer or hospitality business with an events schedule or results to maintain then we can assist.

By having a dynamic site you can add further Advanced Adminstration Functions as your business grows. Check out our website packages page